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About our Programs

There's a lot more to us than just lifeguarding!  Whether you want to be a layperson responder, professional rescuer, healthcare provider, or instructor, we have the class for you!

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Along with CPR and AED use for professional rescuers, participants learn the basics for aquatic safety and how to perform water rescues.  

Great for:  Lifeguards, Swim Coaches, and Water Safety Personnel

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

BLS - Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals

Participants learn the basics of CPR and AED for a healthcare environment, as well as learn about other resources such as naloxone, bag valve masks, and emergency oxygen.

Great for:  Nurses, Medical Assistants, Hospice Care Professionals, EMT, and Med school students.


Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED/First-Aid

Participants will learn how to care for unresponsive victims, including the steps to perform CPR and use an AED for Adult, Child, and Infant victims.​  Participants will also learn how to care for responsive victims such as external bleeding, burns, and heat stress.

Great for:  Managers and employees in the workplace, fitness trainers, childcare providers, social workers, and general knowledge.

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Instructor Courses

Are you looking at becoming Instructor in CPR, BLS, or Lifeguarding for your organization?  Our classes will teach you all about the benchmarks, learning concepts, running drills, reciprocal practice, and maintaining a critical eye so that you can become an instructor for American Red Cross courses!

Our Services

Sebra Aquatics provides distinct programs in order to promote water safety.  Please read through and see which ones are right for you!

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Lifeguard Staffing for Resorts and Private Events

Use our Lifeguards for your Event!

Are you a hotel or resort struggling with staffing?  Are you a parent looking for lifeguards for a poolside event?  Regardless of your need, we have a team of certified, highly-qualified lifeguards available to cover your property or event. Pricing is dependent on the number of lifeguards needed, duration of the event, and the expected attendance, so please use the contact page to reach out for more information.

Aquatic Examination Services

Continuing Education for Lifeguards

Looking for New Hire Training at your facility, or monthly In-Services?  Working on an Emergency Action Plan and need assistance?  We have you covered!  Invite us over, and our team of American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructors will evaluate your team's skills, and develop a report summary for the Southern Nevada Health District.

Lifeguard Resource Management

Dress for Success!

Looking for supplies, such as whistles, visors, and rescue tube covers?  What about customized lifeguard shirts, boardshorts, and hip packs?  With our trade partners and in-house customization workshop, we can source, print, and style your lifeguards so that they not only act the part, but that they look the part too!

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1631 E. Sunset Road #C114
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About HM Safety Certifications

American Red Cross Licensed Training Provider

The need for proper safety certifications is at an all time high.  With many industries such as healthcare, childcare, security, and lifeguarding growing at an exponential pace,  the demand for qualified workers in those areas is larger than expected.  As a Licensed Training Provider for the American Red Cross, HM Safety Certifications LLC is committed to providing high-quality training in CPR, Basic Life Support,and Lifeguarding to prepare individuals for careers in  healthcare and support services.

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About Sebra Aquatics

The mission for HM Safety Certifications has always been to provide training and certification so that people can take care of themselves and each other in emergencies.  However, many of these emergencies occur around the water, such as pools, lakes, and around the home.  Nevada ranks 12th nationwide in drownings and illnesses/injuries caused by near drownings.  In most of these cases, victims are under the age of fourteen (14). This becomes even more terrifying when we realize that we are landlocked, and that many of these incidents could have been easily prevented with knowledge, training, and surveillance.

More can be done to minimize these instances, and we are always looking for opportunities to provide training to best serve our community.  Since opening in 2020, we have prepared over 300 lifeguards to work at various hotels, resorts, fitness facilities, and recreational centers to focus on facility safety, patron surveillance, and enforcing rules and regulations.  With our new project, we want to bring water safety, comfortability, and awareness to an even younger demographic so that we can decrease drownings and impairments due to near drownings significantly below the national average.

It is for that reason that we have acquired the operating rights to Swim With Jana, an existing swim school in the Las Vegas Valley, and have rebranded the program as Sebra Aquatics.  With our variety in programming and offerings, we hope to play a part in reducing the amount of water-related incidents that occur throughout Southern Nevada.

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